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At LuxeSmile Dentistry, your premier Pembroke, MA dentist, we’re dedicated to helping our patients achieve a  healthy beautiful smile they love! Our team offers award-winning dental care and services, including family dental care, teeth cleanings, dental crowns, dental implants, veneers, teeth whitening, orthodontics, gum disease treatment and more.

When you step inside our Pembroke, MA office you’ll find unmatched amenities, along with an unmatched experience. “5-star service” isn’t just something we strive for, it’s our standard!

At LuxeSmile Dentistry, you’re in a judgment-free zone with an enthusiastic team whose mission is not only to make you comfortable, but to make you say “wow” every time you walk through our doors! A visit to your dentist shouldn’t be something you dread.  We’re proud of how we’ve revitalized the way our patients feel about their dental appointment. In short? We’ve worried about everything, so you don’t have to!

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At LuxeSmile of Pembroke, we are pleased to offer our patients the LuxeSMILE Dental Consultation because our mission is to make sure you have the healthiest, brightest smile possible! Our dental consultaton will offer you a clear picture about your current dental health and how our dental team can help you. For your appointment, you will receive x-rays, a smile evaluation, a comprehensive consultation, and a complete tour of our Pembroke dental office. There will be time for questions, and you can ask Dr. Findly about potential dental care programs and what your next steps are. If you want to have the healthiest smile possible, schedule your LuxeSmile Consultaton here!

Why wait for scheduled appointments? Our team does everything we can to make sure that you are seen promptly for your appointment when you arrive at your scheduled time. At LuxeSMILE Dentistry, your time is valuable to us, and we want your appointment to start in a timely manner. Our team understands that patients have other obligations that may limit the amount of time they have to wait for each appointment, which is why we stay true to our promise to have virtually no wait times. Your dental care is our number one priority!

At LuxeSMILE Dentistry, we understand the importance of innovative dental treatment. In order to provide you with the most effective and efficient dental treatment available, your LuxeSMILE Pembroke dental team keeps up with the latest in modern dental technologies. This includes Cerec dentistry, 3D Conebeam CT, digital x-rays, and a smile simulator. For you, this means a healthier, brighter smile.

At LuxeSMILE Dentistry, your results are our first priority! If you’re experiencing discomfort or any dental or oral health concerns, our Pembroke dentist can see you the same day if the schedule permits. We understand the demands of life, and addressing your concerns as quickly as possible is very important. To schedule your appointment, call (781) 826-7577. Our friendly dental team is waiting to help you.

When providing the highest standard of care for our patients, we also believe in making their dental treatment as affordable and obtainable as possible. At LuxeSMILE Dentistry, we understand the harsh limits placed on dental insurance companies and the burden it places on patients looking to pay for treatment. To that end, we offer CareCredit as an alternative form of payment for your dental needs. With CareCredit, you can pay for the care you need and then make convenient monthly payments to cover the cost of treatment. During your LuxeSMILE Consultation, you will be able to discuss all your questions regarding payment with our Pembroke team.

Concerned about paying for your dental treatment because you don’t have insurance? Our LuxeSMILE Savings Plan is an in-office insurance program designed to make dental treatment affordable and easy for you and your loved ones. We want you to get the treatment you deserve, so we urge you to take advantage of all the benefits that our savings plan has to offer. If you have any questions about the LuxeSMILE Savings Plan, call (781) 826-7577 to speak with one of our friendly dental team members.

Dr. Kyle and the LuxeSMILE of Pembroke dental team want you to focus on your health and treatment more than anything, which is why we accept Blue Cross/Blue Shield insurance. The cost of dental services can be a concern for many, but our friendly team at LuxeSMILE Dentistry are glad to answer any questions you have in regard to insurance plans and payments. If our treatment is deemed out-of-network by your insurance provider, we’ll be happy to fill and file the paperwork for reimbursement. We want you to feel confident and comfortable with your dental experience, so we are happy to go the extra mile for you. Make an appointment today and find out how we can assist you!

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