Dentist in Scituate, MA, Has Tips to Overcome Your Dental Phobia

Do you suffer from chest tightening, sweating palms, or shortness of breath at the thought of visiting a dentist in Scituate, MA? With nearly one in three Americans struggling with dental phobia, you’re certainly not alone. Of course, knowing you’re not alone doesn’t help you when it’s time to have your teeth cleaned. There is […]

Scituate, MA, Dentist Explains: What Are Canine Teeth?

Most patients our Scituate, MA, dentist encounters know that teeth serve multiple purposes. From chewing our food to supporting the structure of our face, our teeth are a vital part of our everyday lives. Although it’s a given that we need teeth for sustenance, patients are often unaware of the different types of human teeth […]

Scituate, MA, Dentist Answers: What Kind of Mouthwash Should You Choose?

If you’ve already perfected your brushing and flossing habits, you might be wondering what else you can do to improve your oral health. Our Scituate, MA, dentist suggests that you consider incorporating regular mouthwash use into your dental routine. There are a variety of mouthwashes available these days. In addition to having many flavors to […]

Scituate MA Dentist Explains How Medications Can Affect Your Oral Health

It is important that our Scituate MA dentist knows about the medications you are taking in order to provide the best dental care for you. According to our dentist in Scituate, many prescribed and over-the-counter medicines – as well as vitamins, minerals and other herbal supplements ¬– can produce unwelcome side effects to your overall […]

Scituate MA Dentist Shares 4 Important Reasons to Replace Your Missing Tooth

Our Scituate MA Dentist Explains Why “28” Is Your Mouth’s Magic Number According to our Scituate MA dentist, the average person starts out with 32 teeth – although one or more of your four wisdom teeth may not even develop, or will need to be removed to prevent overcrowding. Because each and every one of […]

Scituate MA Dentist Answers: How Can You Stop Grinding Your Teeth?

Are you or someone you know experiencing teeth grinding? Do you wake up with headaches, sore jaws or suffer from worn surfaces on your teeth? Your Scituate Dentist Can Help to Relieve Your Teeth Grinding Regardless of the severity of tooth grinding, it is important to understand the impact of this behavior. We at Luxe […]