When Is it Time to Call Your Plymouth, MA, Family Dentist?

You may recall the old joke, “What time is it when you’re at the dentist? – Answer: Tooth-hurty!” Of course, tooth pain is indeed still the appropriate time to make an appointment with our Plymouth, MA, family dentist. Read more for some additional advice about when you or a family member should call Luxe Smile […]

Plymouth, MA, Dentist Offers Christmas Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Healthy Teeth

After you’ve braved the shopping masses and hung the stockings with care this holiday season, our Plymouth, MA, dentist recommends stuffing them with products that won’t ruin your family’s oral health. Oftentimes, children look more forward to what’s in their stocking than what’s under the tree, so why not skip the candy and give them […]

Plymouth MA Dentist Offers a Back-to-School Lesson on Wisdom Teeth

With school back in full swing, kids, parents, and our Plymouth MA dentist are busier than ever. There are classes, appointments, and practices galore, all aimed at providing the knowledge necessary for healthy development. While most of us agree that a well-rounded education is important, having clean teeth is also essential to starting the school […]