Norwell, MA, Dentist Explains the Anatomy of Your Teeth

As the hardest part of your body, your teeth are a lifelong necessity for many reasons. Our Norwell, MA, dentist explains that, in addition to chewing your food, your teeth also support the bone structure of your face and hold your jaw in place. Without teeth, you wouldn’t be able to smile, which is why […]

Norwell MA Dentist Suggests Great Foods for Healthy Teeth

Most of us know that in order to have healthy teeth, you have to brush and floss daily, plus see your dentist on a regular basis. Our Norwell MA dentist does recommend having your teeth cleaned every six months, but there are also many at-home steps you can take to keep your teeth in great […]

Norwell MA Dentist Explains What to Do When You Have a Loose Tooth

When you were young and had a loose tooth, you were probably excited that the Tooth Fairy would soon be coming to visit. Maybe you even proudly showed your loose tooth to your dentist in Norwell MA. When you’re an adult and have a loose tooth, however, you have an understandably different reaction. Adult teeth […]