Hanover, MA, Dentist Gives 3 Reasons Why You Should Use an Electric Toothbrush

Our Hanover, MA, dentist urges thorough brushing twice each day as an essential part of a healthy oral hygiene routine. This sounds easy enough, but maintaining super clean teeth can be a struggle, simply because of the type of toothbrush you’re using. Many people are unaware that a traditional, manual toothbrush limits the effectiveness of […]

Hanover MA Dentist Uncovers the Answer to Lifelong Healthy Teeth

Did you know September is Healthy Aging Month? It’s the time of year that many professionals, including our Hanover MA dentist, focus on providing inspiration and advice to improve the physical, mental, social, and financial lives of people nationwide. There are many things a person can do to support their overall aging process, and practicing […]