Does Your Filling Need to Be Replaced by a Carver, MA, Dental Expert?

You may have been told that it is time to replace your old dental filling. Now what? Our Carver, MA, dental expert shares what happens to fillings over time, as well as your options for different materials used to replace fillings or for any new cavities. Get Carver, MA, Dental Filling Advice from Luxe Smile […]

Carver, MA, Dentist Shares Safe Ways to Handle Your Child’s Loose Tooth

One of the most popular topics our Carver, MA, dentist discusses with parents is what to do when dealing with a child’s loose tooth. Growing teeth is uncomfortable for most kids, but losing teeth can also be an unpleasant experience. Around the age of six, children begin to lose their baby teeth to make room […]

Carver MA Dentist Lists Good And Bad Ways To Floss Your Teeth

If you only brush your teeth and skip flossing, then you are missing thirty percent of each tooth’s surface, according to our five-star-rated Carver MA dentist. Flossing regularly is key for ensuring that plaque doesn’t build up in unreached areas. Equally important is how you do it – if you floss improperly, you won’t get […]