You may have recently received a diagnosis from your dentist that left you feeling uneasy and with many questions. Perhaps you lost a tooth and simply don’t know what to do about it. Perhaps after years of routine dental check-ups and teeth cleanings, you are being told that you need a root canal or a tooth extraction. Despite your lack of pain, you may have been told that you need to have a dental implant put in, and you still do not understand why.

Your next step is to seek out a second opinion with our dentists in Marshfield, MA. By seeing us, you can put your mind to rest either by confirming your first diagnosis or by learning that you have other options. The LuxeSmile Dentistry team would be pleased to provide you the answers that you need and get your smile back on track. We are here to help you discover and treat the root of your condition while building a lifelong friendship. Schedule your complimentary LuxeSmile Consultation, which includes x-rays, a smile evaluation, an office tour, and a comprehensive consultation.