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Pain-Free Dentist

The concept of “Pain-Free Dentistry” is one that’s been around for quite some time. Early dental procedures used different, often questionable methods of dental anesthesia; for example, in 1000 BC, wine was used to help patients feel less pain from procedures. We now know that alcohol can actually increase the amount of bleeding, which is why that method fell out of favor once medicine advanced. That may be bad news for wine lovers, but it’s great news for patients who want more effective and far safer dental care near Marshfield, MA.

A lot has advanced in the thousands of years that dentistry has been practiced. Modern dentistry uses a combination of methods and philosophies not only to reduce physical pain, but also to minimize the amount of emotional discomfort and stress that can actually manifest as painful responses in the body.

Dr. Will Burghardt and his dental team posing around the luxesmile car

The modern view on pain-free dentistry revolves around providing the best patient experience, considering each individual’s physical and mental profiles, and using increasingly accurate and safe pharmaceutical options that can aid in both the procedures themselves and the recovery time afterward. Whereas the old view of dentistry was centered around simply numbing patients during dental procedures, modern anesthesia and pain treatment are all about making sure your entire experience is as pleasant as possible.

Options, Plans & Solutions
  • Patients who experience high amounts of stress and dental anxiety will be excited to know that top modern dentists are ready, willing, and able to work with them to provide the dental care that they need, without the negatives they associate with the experience. Dr. Will Burghardt and the dental team at LuxeSmile are trained and experienced in handling pain-free dental care for patients at every level of dental anxiety. We makes sure to give detailed answers to any of your questions about your own treatment well before we actually get started.
  • Pre-procedure options help, whether you have high anxiety or not. Much of the pain that people commonly associate with dentistry are actually associated with the anticipation and tension of pain. With pharmaceutical options that can relax patients, modern dentists can make the entire procedure a breeze.
  • Post-care is also available for pain management after the procedure has been completed. Whether you’ve got an extensive procedure scheduled, or you just want to know more about how you can manage the pain at home, pain-free dentistry extends well beyond the dentist’s office.

Every pain-free regimen is different for each patient, based on psychology and medical history. That’s why having a consultation with our Marshfield pain-free dentist can show you more about the options that are available, as well as what you can do to minimize any pain that you’re experiencing until you can have a procedure performed.

The ultimate goal of every committed dentist is to ensure that patients get the help and care that they need, and Pain-Free Dentistry is one way that patients in Marshfield, Massachusetts, can get that help without worry.