Marshfield, MA, Dentistry Expert Recommends Sweet Foods That are Actually Good for Your Teeth

 It’s a common misconception that anything sweet-tasting is bad for your health and will rot your teeth. While this is true of sugary foods, you may be surprised to learn there are plenty of foods that are naturally sweet and actually help your mouth and teeth to be healthier. Yes, you read that right. Our Marshfield, MA, dentistry expert says you don’t have to sacrifice your guilty pleasure – feed your sweet tooth with some of the below foods.

Our Marshfield, MA, Dentistry Expert Says Sweetness Can Be Good for You


With a multitude of varieties available, raisins top the list of sweet foods that have health benefits. Rich in antioxidants and phytochemicals, raisins can kill cavity-causing bacteria. They also get their sweetness from fructose and glucose, which are natural sweeteners. Plus, chewing raisins promotes saliva, which helps clean your mouth and teeth.


Yogurt is not only available in a multitude of flavors, it’s also loaded with calcium, which helps make your teeth strong. The probiotics found in yogurt also protect your teeth from cavities, plus prevent gum disease and bad breath. Our Marshfield, MA, dentistry expert says to choose a low-sugar option for optimal health.


Strawberries are among the most popular fruits because they’re full of natural sweetness. But did you know they’re also packed with vitamin C, antioxidants and malic acid, which acta as a natural whitener for teeth? Load up on these delicious treats for guilt-free eating.

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