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Sedation Dentistry

Experience Sedation Dentistry in Marshfield, MA

For some people, the thought of visiting a dentist in the Marshfield to Boston, MA, area can create an uneasy feeling, which prevents them from getting the dental care they need. LuxeSmile Dentistry goes above and beyond to create an atmosphere of comfort for you, with lavender and lemon scented hot towels and iPads in every room to keep you relaxed. Our friendly dental team is prompt and ready to greet you, and that is only the beginning!

Dr. Burghardt and the LuxeSmile Dentistry team have received specialized training to provide you with the sedation dentistry that is right for you. You can choose from the following sedation techniques to help you feel at ease and find comfort during your appointment.

IV Sedation

Not many people are excited about going to the dentist – but dental visits can be much more difficult for some patients than for others. LuxeSmile Dentistry is pleased to offer IV Sedation to help our patients with dental anxiety, dental phobia, or fear who would like a more peaceful level of care. We use a Board Certified Anesthesiologist to ensure your comfort to help with: dental implants, restorative procedures, and more. Whether you’ve been postponing a major procedure or have had a negative experience in the past, IV Sedation may be a great solution. Before IV sedation is used, patients will need a physical exam and health background report so Dr. Burghardt can determine whether this form of pain management is the safest and most appropriate treatment for you.

Oral Sedation

Like IV Sedation, oral sedation is a method for helping alleviate the fear or anxiety patients many experience during dental procedures. Oral sedation may be used for a variety of services to make you feel comfortable. One form of oral sedation is nitrous oxide, which Dr. Burghardt may give you during a dental treatment. Nitrous oxide, also known as laughing gas, relaxes you while allowing you to remain conscious of what’s going on around you.
Another option Dr. Burghardt of LuxeSmile Dentistry may prescribe is a sedative medication or pill, which you take prior to your visit. These types of medications may take a few hours to wear off, but you will be back to your normal state with little or no memory of the experience. Many patients feel much more confident after their first sedation dentistry appointment, making them able to forego sedation during future visits!

Comfortable Environment

The staff of LuxeSmile Dentistry will do everything they can to ensure you have the calmest, most soothing experience possible. Our friendly staff will greet you, making you feel welcome and at home. Also, we invite our guests to use our iPads, available in every room, to help you relax and enjoy your time with us. Our lavender and lemon-scented towels help create a tranquil experience, and while you’re being pampered, you can rest easy that Dr. Burghardt is providing you with the best dental care available.

Additionally, we offer NuCalm to enhance your relaxation experience. NuCalm is a holistic relaxation method that uses noise-canceling headphones, music, and light-blocking glasses to relax you as much as possible during your dental procedures. This technique can be used with or without nitrous oxide or other sedation methods.

Come experience LuxeSmile Dentistry and you will see we offer comfortable dental care with a smile to patients near Marshfield, Duxbury, Plymouth, Pembroke, Scituate, Kingston, Norwell, Hanover, Plympton and Carver, MA. To learn more about pain-free dental care in Marshfield, MA, contact our dental office. We look forward to showing you that visiting your Marshfield dentist can be a fantastic experience!