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Dental Hygiene & Teeth Cleanings

Oral hygiene isn’t just for people who want to keep their teeth sparkling white and their breath fresh. Dental hygiene is one of the most proactive things that you can do for your teeth, and it has a long history of both preventing painful disease and promoting the long term viability of your own natural teeth.

In the earliest days of mankind, hygiene was less of an issue, thanks to a steady diet of natural food that was low in carbohydrates. Our teeth are naturally formed and structured to grind certain types of plant and animal matter, but teeth still haven’t caught up to the more modern diet of grains, sugars, and other types of produced food. The cultivation of agriculture and the rise of baked goods and other starchy foods created unique dental problems which did not previously exist, including certain types of dental decay and disease which could become life threatening.

With oral hygiene, Dr. Burghardt focuses on a more realistic, effective approach by both cleaning your teeth while you are in the LuxeSmile dental office and also providing information on how to keep your teeth clean when you’re at home. 

Dental Health & Why It Matters

Your visit to our Marshfield dental office for a teeth cleaning and examination could be one of the most important parts of maintaining your dental health:

  • We provide a thorough examination of your teeth while they are being cleaned. This detects any dental problems before they become more serious.
  • We help to clean problematic areas, such as those between crowded or compact teeth. We also add protective treatments that can help your teeth stay great-looking.
  • A teeth cleaning and examination can help to detect the earliest signs of oral cancer and other conditions that, if caught early, could greatly increase your chances of a successful treatment and recovery.

Regular teeth cleanings are essential to having not only a beautiful, but a completely healthy and cavity-free smile. Even with having the best home care and diet, a cleaning and examination will catch issues that you have missed; plus it can provide you with a better way to keep your teeth clean.

Good Hygiene Starts Early

It takes roughly 30 days to form a habit, whether positive or negative, which is why it’s so important to establish good habits when you’re younger and have fewer responsibilities throughout your day. Dr. Burghardt and the dental team at LuxeSmile would love to help you and your family to get some of the very best in oral hygiene care and treatment, while helping your family to understand why oral hygiene leads to long term health benefits. In addition, we can provide pediatric dental care and cleanings so that your children can become comfortable with their trip to our offices.

Our experience with our patients and their feedback has helped us to create many different approaches on how we can best communicate the need for dental hygiene to those in need. We also provide many different types of teeth cleaning and hygiene services, which can help to address:

  • Pain or sores within the mouth,
  • Stained teeth,
  • Bad breath or dry mouth,
  • Food that’s stuck between teeth or lodged into the gum tissue.

During your initial cleaning and examination, the dental team at LuxeSmile can provide you with more information on how you can care for your teeth at home, as well as give recommendations on the right type of brush, the right floss, whether or not water irrigation will help your unique dental profile, and much more.

We can give you all of the information that you need to stay happy and healthy between visits and to avoid some of the more expensive and painful dental problems that can occur due to improper hygienic practices. For more information on our oral hygiene services, or to find out what we can do for you or your family, just schedule a consultation at our Marshfield dental office today.