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General Family Dentist in Marshfield

Everyone has different dental needs, but that doesn’t mean your quality of care has to change. Dr. Will Burghardt and the dental team at LuxeSmile are dedicated to providing patients and their families with the service, results, and care that they need for their optimal dental and overall health.

Our work starts by first finding out what you need and then creating a plan for the most effective and affordable way to reach those goals. Regardless of whether you need a single filling or several dental implants, we have a strong focus on providing top-quality dental care to our patients at every level. From dental examinations and consultations to braces and other treatments, we also strive to keep our prices reasonable for working adults and families on a budget.

Dr. Will Burghardt and his dental team posing around the luxesmile car

We perform many different types of dentistry, including cosmetic dentistrygeneral dentistry, and emergency care. We also provide various sedation dentistry options that will allow you to remain calm and comfortable throughout any dental appointment that you make with us.

As a proud dental care provider in Marshfield, Massachusetts, we’re happy to answer any questions that you may have. We provide several dental services and treat numerous conditions, such as:

The LuxeSmile Difference

Dr. Burghardt and the dental team at LuxeSmile all take pride in the work that we do with individuals, and with families who need to find quality dental care at an affordable cost. Residents of Boston, MA, and Marshfield, MA, already know that there are many dental options available, but few can provide you with the type of dental service that you need without hurting your budget.

LuxeSmile also works with senior citizens who may have concerns about the state of their remaining teeth, or who are looking for discrete, natural-looking dentures that can bring back their smile. Our consultation services can help patients of any age or dental health history to find procedures and treatment which will be best for them.

Dental Health Matters

Did you know that only 50% of Americans floss daily, and that 18% don’t floss at all? LuxeSmile is about more than just treating a dental emergency when it happens; our goal is to build happy, healthy smiles for our patients, which include instruction on the right dental habits, options which can help to protect or improve your current smile, and more. We care for our patients when they’re in our Marshfield dental office and when they’re at home.

Our preventive dental care consultations and examination process is aimed at stopping problems before they begin. With our accurate and fast screenings, we may be able to catch dental caries and other concerns that some dentists may miss. We can also provide consultations for children who may need corrective measures, such as braces, at a time when the problem may be the easiest to solve. Our job isn’t just to be there for the worst, but to bring your dental health to its very best.

Dental health isn’t just about discomfort or disease, either. Confidence at school, in the workplace, or in social situations can all be affected by the state of your dental health. Instead of you hiding your smile or speaking softly for fear of the way that your teeth look, we at LuxeSmile want to provide you with a rich variety of cosmetic dental options that can give you the look and feel that your teeth deserve.

Affordable Pricing For Dental Care Without Compromises

Paying less for your dental care shouldn’t mean getting less. At LuxeSmile, we work closely with families and individuals in every budget range to make sure that you get the care that you need with payment options that work for you. Regardless of the type of insurance coverage that you have, we work with you to provide you with the best treatment for your individual needs.

Far from being a “one-size-fits-all” dental care provider in Marshfield, MA, we craft both plans of actions and payment options that are right for you. As one of the top dentists in the Boston area, we know that costs can be a barrier between you and the care that you need, which is why we have flexible payment plans and many different solutions to fit many different circumstances. For family dentistrycosmetic dentistrygeneral dentistry, and preventative dental care, LuxeSmile is here for you.