Dental Implants in Marshfield

Missing teeth is a problem that’s more common among the adult population of this country than you might think. Most adults between the ages of 20 and 64 have, on average, lost at least one tooth. Your chances of losing a tooth go up depending on age, your finances, and whether or not you smoke. When a tooth goes missing, it can cause social and medical problems, which is why it’s so important not only to correct the issue as soon as possible, but to do so with care and precision.

In the past, replacing missing teeth often meant relying upon dental prosthetic products, such as dental bridges or even dentures if tooth loss was extensive enough. These days, procedures like dental implants can actually make it much more viable to replace your teeth with sturdy, cosmetically identical prosthetic replacements.

Are Dental Implants The Right Call?

Only you and a qualified dentist, such as Dr. Will Burghardt, can decide for certain whether or not dental implants are going to be the best way to address one or more missing teeth. With dental implants, Marshfield patients may get the solutions that they’ve been searching for, but a dental examination will be needed to determine the cause of tooth loss, the possible options available, and the work needed for sturdy, good looking dental implants.

  • If you’ve lost teeth to decay, then dental implants may be the best way to replace your missing teeth. Whether in the front or the back, dental implants are strong enough to be used for chewing. In fact, with their titanium screws and alloy crown construction, they can deal with incredible amounts of bite pressure without any damage.
  • If you’re missing several teeth and dentures just aren’t an option, then you may also want to consider dental implants as an alternative. Dental plates can be installed on select, precisely placed dental implants, and anchored in place for a more secure, natural-feeling prosthetic.
  • If you’re looking for a long term solution, then dental implants can be a very wise investment. Implants have already been around for more than half a decade, but the technology and the medical procedures to install them have gotten significantly better over time. That’s why so many patients are choosing dental implants over other options, even though they may cost more.

Dental implants can work with both the top and the bottom rows of teeth, and they are almost always the best available solution for any teeth that are missing in the mouth. Patients in Massachusetts who are interested in learning more about dental implants, or who would like an examination and a consultation so that they can explore their options, should contact Dr. Will Burghardt’s office at LuxeSmile.

Remember: While dental implants can last for several years without any maintenance needed, older crowns may need work as well. Even if you’ve already have dental implants installed, a dental examination is always the best way to ensure that your implants are secure, in place, and comfortable.