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Dental Fillings

Have you ever experienced the following?

  • Tooth decay, including holes in your teeth that have been growing over time
  • Movement in your teeth that has been painful
  • Irritated gums
  • A recent oral infection
  • Teeth which have been damaged through chipping or breakage

If so, then you might need a dental filling or be a candidate for one. Dental fillings are generally tooth-colored restorations that are placed within teeth that have been cleaned and prepared. Any and all decay will be removed from the affected tooth, and the empty space will be filled in appropriately. This means that your tooth will get long-term protection from further infection and will also regain and retain its natural durability for everyday activities like drinking and chewing.

dental filling can be a brand new lease on life for your teeth, and they can help to provide your tooth with needed defenses for the future, as well. You only get one set of teeth once your permanent adult teeth grow in, so a filling is often your best option for any situation where it can be applied. A filling is also often the most affordable solution, especially when it can be placed very early.

What Is A Dental Filling Made From?

Dental fillings are typically made of a composite resin that is tooth colored and chemically bonded into the tooth. Once the tooth has been prepared, typically through the cleaning out and light drilling of the affected site, the resin will be carefully placed into the hollow area of the tooth, where it will then quickly harden. This provides protection and coverage for the tooth. The composite resin used in this process is very natural looking, providing you with a result that both looks good and feels completely natural.

For patients that have existing dental fillings, your dentist makes sure the fillings are sound and protecting the tooth as needed. Any dental restoration will wear with time, and your dentist will be sure to let you know if your fillings either need replacement or if there is any other recommended treatment. To learn more about our work with existing fillings, or to have a filling replaced, schedule a consultation at LuxeSmile so that we can provide you with more information.

How Do Dental Fillings Help?

The team at LuxeSmile Dentistry has seen many patients with chips or holes in their teeth that went ignored for too long. Some patients may forgo a dental filling because they believe they can’t afford one currently, or because they simply haven’t experienced any painful symptoms yet. The unfortunate reality of the situation, however, is that decay continues to happen even if we don’t see or feel it yet. When damage is clinically assessed within your teeth, it will only be a matter of time before bacteria and acid continue to eat away at the dental tissue. Once enough of it is gone, you will begin to experience pain associated with infection, or even exposed nerves.

Fillings protect your teeth by ensuring that decay is removed and teeth can once again function. When you schedule a consultation with LuxeSmile, we will do a full comprehensive examination that will detect any current cavities or other dental damage that a filling might be able to help, as well as determine how far along any cavity may be. The sooner that we’re able to detect and correct the cavity, the less dental damage there will be. Early detection also means having healthier, stronger teeth in the long run, as more of its natural structure will remain.

Even for teeth that may have extensive cavitiesdental fillings can often help to prevent a root canal from being necessary. Dental fillings are much less painful than root canals, and some can even be performed with little-to-no anesthesia depending on the depth of the cavity. Children are more likely to get cavities due to a high intake of sugary foods, but adults who smoke, drink coffee, or enjoy the occasional piece of candy may still be at risk. That’s why patients of all ages are encouraged to get regular dental check-ups, and it’s also why we offer fillings to both children and adults who need them. LuxeSmile serves Duxbury, Marshfield, Plymouth, Pembroke, Scituate, Kingston, Norwell, Hanover, Carver, South Shore, and the surrounding areas of these MA communities.