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Dental Bridges

dental bridge can be an artificial tooth, or several artificial teeth, which are placed to replace missing teeth in your mouth so that you can smile and chew comfortably again. If you’ve had teeth removed, or if you’ve lost teeth, then a dental bridge is a permanent way to fill in your smile without the need for a partial. Dental bridges don’t require the sort of oral surgery that dental implants do, and they are often much more affordable as a solution. Whether you’ve just had teeth extracted, or you’ve been missing teeth for years, a bridge may be the most optimal way to solve a dental problem that you may be having due to a lack of teeth to support your eating, speaking, or smiling.

Why Choose A Dental Bridge?

dental bridge may or may not be the right call for your situation, but it’s certainly worth considering if you have missing teeth and are looking for an affordable, comfortable solution that doesn’t involve oral surgery.

Dental bridges can help in situations where:

  • You have missing teeth, but still have neighboring teeth that can act as anchors;
  • You are suffering from gum disease, TMJ, or other disorders that are caused by missing teeth and friction against exposed gum tissue;
  • You’re searching for an alternative to a partial denture, or you are looking for an affordable alternative to dental implants.

Choosing a dental bridge, when compared to other dental solutions, may ultimately be the right call for yourself or a loved one. A dental bridge can last for a long time when properly placed, and with maintenance it can go for a decade or longer before it may need to be replaced with a new dental bridge.

The Bridge Process

During a consultation with Marshfield dentist Dr. Burghardt, we can determine whether or not a dental bridge is the right solution for your unique dental profile. In order to fabricate a bridge, there will need to be two or more teeth on either side of the empty space—this provides a place where the bridge can be affixed. The term “bridge” is actually very accurate, as the structure helps to close the gap between two or more stable, healthy teeth.

If a dental bridge is right for you, then the teeth which will anchor the dental bridge will be prepared for crown placement. The procedure requires light anesthesia and will shape the teeth so that the crown caps will stay in place. The dental crowns themselves will be made with the same care and artistry that all of our teeth come with, which means that they will be both protective and very natural looking next to your other teeth. Additionally, the teeth of the bridge itself will be handcrafted to match the look of your teeth, creating a seamless and functional structure.

Once the anchor teeth have been prepared and the bridge itself has been fabricated, then the bridge can be fit and permanently placed by Dr Burghardt in Marshfield South Shore, MA.  As with crowns, the entire structure will be bonded into place once it’s been determined that the bridge is both comfortable for you to wear and the right appearance to match your natural teeth.

Cost Of Dental Bridge & Other Considerations

As mentioned, a dental bridge can be a more affordable alternative to solutions such as dental implants. Whereas dental implants may cost several thousand dollars per tooth, depending on your unique dental profile and health, a dental bridge may cost less, depending on how many empty spots you need filled. In addition, dental bridges may offer you better protection for your gums against friction from eating and chewing as compared to partial dentures.

Ultimately, the decision to get a dental bridge will be yours, which is why your initial consultation is very important. Speaking with Dr. Burghardt and the Marshfield dental office at LuxeSmile will help you to get started and will provide you with more information on why a dental bridge may be best for your situation, what you can expect once it has been placed, and how to maintain and clean your dental bridge for the best results in Marshfield / South Shore, MA.