Scituate, MA, Dental Expert Explains Toothbrush Replacement

Maintaining a proper oral hygiene routine is necessary to keep your smile happy and healthy. Our Scituate, MA, dental expert recommends brushing and flossing twice each day, as well as using mouthwash to remove harmful bacteria that’s always accumulating on your teeth. Of course, a trip to your dentist for an exam and cleaning twice […]

Plympton, MA, Dentistry Explains How Mouthguards Protect Your Teeth

If you’ve ever played sports, or even if you’re just a fan, you’re probably familiar with mouthguards. Our dentistry near Plympton recommends that young athletes use this soft plastic or laminate device to prevent possible injuries during contact sports. The American Dental Association says that around one-third of dental injuries are sports-related and that using […]

Choose a Duxbury, MA, Dental Office with Digital X-Rays – Here’s Why!

Whether you’re looking for a new Duxbury, MA, dental office or simply want to confirm your existing one is right for you, an important factor to check is the type of x-ray technology used by your dentist. At this point, digital x-rays have been refined to produce significant benefits over traditional x-rays. If your dental […]

Dentist in Scituate, MA, Has Tips to Overcome Your Dental Phobia

Do you suffer from chest tightening, sweating palms, or shortness of breath at the thought of visiting a dentist in Scituate, MA? With nearly one in three Americans struggling with dental phobia, you’re certainly not alone. Of course, knowing you’re not alone doesn’t help you when it’s time to have your teeth cleaned. There is […]

Pembroke Dentist Explains Why Your Back Teeth Are Susceptible to Cavities

Patients sometimes ask our Pembroke dentist why their back teeth get cavities more often than their front teeth. In truth, all teeth are susceptible to cavities, but certain factors can increase the likelihood of cavities in your back teeth. Our experienced dentist explains why this happens and what you can do to protect your teeth […]

Plympton, MA, Dental Expert Answers: What Causes Chipped Teeth?

A chipped tooth can bring about a fast visit to your Plympton, MA, dental office. In addition to damaging your smile’s appearance, a chip in your tooth can lead to further structural damage, decay, or even pain. Our dentist believes that prevention is the best cure for chipped teeth – after all, a chipped tooth […]

Marshfield Family Dentist Shares Reasons for Yellow Teeth in Children

As a parent who cares about your child’s teeth, you may find yourself distressed to see their new teeth coming in yellow. Our Marshfield dentist urges you not to panic, though. There are numerous possible reasons for teeth stains in children. Some types of staining are temporary, while others can be remedied in fairly simply […]

Cosmetic Dentist in Norwell, MA, Shares How to Fix White Spots on Teeth

When unwanted white spots begin to appear on your teeth, flashing a big smile can get embarrassing. Whether you’re dealing with white spots after getting your braces off, or whether they’ve shown up without any apparent reason, our cosmetic dentist in Norwell, MA, can help! Keep reading to find out what causes whites spots on […]